Instant Insurance Estimate via APIs

Mennonite Aid Plan is a California-based insurance company that offers insurance to Mennonite and Anabaptist church members in western states of the US. Their systems for generating homeowners insurance estimates are available via an API.

We built an instant estimate feature for their website using Gravity Forms. An initial form gathers information including the address of the property, the year built, the deductible desired, etc. This information is passed via API to the estimate/quoting system, which receives back an estimated premium amount.

Screenshot of a portion of the instant homeowners estimate form, collecting data on residence replacement cost, year built, deductible, and liability coverage

On the results page, the user is invited to take the next step and contact one of the Mennonite Aid Plan agents for a more formal quote. If the user opts in, the user’s data is passed to the company’s CRM which creates a contact and a record of the instant estimate, and a notification is sent to an agent prompting them to contact the user.

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