Some Gravity Forms projects take you searching for resources, whether that’s help or third-party addons. Here’s a list of our favorites, which we will try to keep updated with new finds as we come across them.

  • Facebook Group: Gravity Forms (and Certified Add-Ons) This Facebook group includes support folks from Gravity Forms and many of the third-party addons for GF, as well as many power users with lots of GF experience. People often post questions and seek suggestions there. It’s also a great place to learn about GF resources.
  • Gravity Perks is a wide variety of small focused functionality addons for Gravity Forms (created by the folks at Gravity Wiz), like their “Gravity Forms Populate Anything” plugin. Note: there are a TON of free code snippets in their library, and if you know your way around PHP, this is a very helpful resource!
  • GravityKit offers a whole collection of plugins for displaying content and letting users interact with it, including front-end editing of entries. They also have a plugin for importing entries from a CSV, which can be very handy.
  • Cosmic Giant also has a growing collection of plugins, including Legal Signing, Entry Automation (need to export entries?), Fillable PDFs and more.
  • Gravity Flow helps you build workflows when forms need inputs from various people in a process. When you are trying to build automated processes, you’ll want to check this out.
  • Gravity Forms Advanced Conditional Logic Conditional logic makes Gravity Forms incredibly powerful. This plugin takes it even further by allowing you to group conditional logic filters.