Complex Registration Forms

Sometimes an event registration form is as simple as a name, email address and payment. But other times… things can get complicated.

Gravity Assist has worked with dozens of organizations – both businesses and nonprofits – on complex registration forms for events or memberships.

In addition to just taking some basic information and a payment, here are some examples of more complex features we have implemented on registration forms:

  • Multiple tiers of registration types, like adults and youth, members and nonmembers, various membership levels, all at different pricing levels
  • Automatic pricing windows for early, regular and late registration fees, also in combination with various types of registrations
  • Prepopulating some fields based on a link in an email, social media or web page. These can be hidden fields that aid in tracking registrations.
  • Limits on number of attendees, but also on numbers of specific choices. For instance, only allowing X number of single rooms so that housing option won’t be oversold.
  • Conditional logic so that for instance, when someone indicates that they are a commuter registrant they will not be shown the options for overnight accommodations
  • Customized branded “receipt” notfications to the registrant
  • Customized branded reminder emails in the weeks and days before the event
  • Automatically emailing an export of registrations as an Excel/CSV file to registrars on a regular basis
  • Synchronization to CRM’s or other data management systems – for instance, adding a tag to the registrant’s profile
  • Taking signatures on liability releases or permission forms
  • Registering teams or groups, with options for each group member to be contacted to submit their own dietary preferences and emergency contact information
  • Info on any food allergies triggers a special email notification to the dietary & health directors; opt-ins to volunteer trigger notifications to the volunteer director or managers for specific volunteer areas.
  • Registration for specific workshops with caps on number of attendees, and allowing registrants to rank their workshop choices.
  • Customized PDF exports of registrant data. For instance customized individual documents of specific health information for a summer camp nurse.
  • QR codes for easy check-in at the event.

What can we help you set up a registration for?

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